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[ 04.10.2018 ] - Starptautiska zinātniska konference "Socio-Political and Religious Ideas and Movements in the 20th – 21st Centuries"

Konference norisināsies LU FSI, Rīgā, 4.-5. oktobrī

The Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, the University of Latvia

The Institute of Philosophy, St. Petersburg State University

University of Opole/Institute of Political Science

University of Wrocław/Institute of International Studies


International Scientific Conference

 Socio-Political and Religious Ideas and Movements

in the 20th – 21st Centuries

Riga, 4 – 5 October 2018

(The Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, the University of Latvia, Kalpaka bulvāris 4)

We invite scholars, emerging researchers and doctoral students to take part in the international scientific conference Socio-Political and Religious Ideas and Movements in the 20th – 21st Centuries, which will take place in Riga, 4-5 October 2018, at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, the University of Latvia, Kalpaka bulvāris 4.


The conference will facilitate the exchange of ideas and the results of the latest studies on the reciprocity and significance of religious and socially political ideas (ideologies) in contemporary society. In the modern-day ever-changing political situation, an increasing danger to the safety and stability of society is caused by the manipulations of the seemingly traditional conceptions of ethical, religious and cultural values evident in the public discourse and media space. Under the impact of global processes, social anxiety and ethical disorientation facilitate a dangerous trend to trust the populist ideologies and quasi-religious ideas, as well as increase the level of radicalisation of religious communities. In order to understand the current processes, it is necessary to examine the 20th century experience, especially in the so-called “socialist bloc” countries, where the secularisation processes of society took place under the circumstances of authoritarian / totalitarian regime, facilitating not only deeply rooted political and social myths in society, but also their cultivation in the educational system, media space and politics. Looking from a modern-day perspective, it is important to establish a multidimensional understanding of the connection between socially political ideas and the religious consciousness in society, as well as in the experience of social groups and individuals. For the interpretation and analysis of the current situation it is necessary to develop a retrospective perspective on the processes in the 20th century.

It is planned to examine the following range of questions at the conference:

·         The reciprocity of socio-political ideologies and religious movements in the post-secular society;

·         The reciprocity of anarchistic and religious ideas in the 20th – 21st centuries;

·         Political and religious movements in the USSR (Bolshevism and the reaction of the Church towards it; the atheist ideology and the problems of religiosity preservation; the dissident movement and the Church; non-traditional religious groups in the circumstances of the Soviet regime);

·         Political and religious movements in Latin America (Communism and liberation theology);

·         Religion and the role of religious institutions in global peace processes in the 20th – 21st centuries;

·         Religion and conflicts on a global scale in the 20th – 21st centuries;

·         The potential of religious groups in the politically social sphere: the current tendencies and problems in the Baltic States and the EU.

Scholars addressing religion, philosophy, sociology and political sciences are welcome to apply. The interdisciplinary approach is also supported.

The working languages of the Conference are Latvian and English. The rules of procedure of the Conference: papers at the plenary session – 20 min, panels/sections – 15 min.

The papers of the Conference shall be published in scholarly magazine Reliģiski filozofiski raksti (with Scopus indexation). The board of editors are entitled to select and shortlist the submitted articles.

To cover the costs of the conference, we kindly ask you to pay the participation fee in the amount of 10 EUR at the day of registration.

If you are interested to participate in the conference, please email the following documents to inese.runce@lu.lv not later than by 31 August 2018:

·         The title and brief annotation (max 200 words);

·         Short bio (name, surname, the academic degree, place of work, research interests – max 100 words).

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