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International conference will be held in Latvia University, Riga (Latvia) on February 10 – 11. 2011.

February 10, Latvia University, Riga, Raiņa bulvāris 19

Round table about actual problems of religious conversion.
Researchers as well as representatives of different religious organizations, governmental and non-governmental institutions and mass media will be participating.

February 11, Latvia University, Rīga, Raiņa bulvāris 19

Papers of foreign experts and scholars will be presented.

We are fortunate to have as visiting conference:

Maria Baghramian (Irland, UCD)
Religious diversity and relativistic approaches to the question of faith

Gloria Durka (USA)
Inter-religious Education and Conversion in a Divided World: Perspectives from the United States

Massimo Leone (Italy)
The semiotics of religious conversion

Mikhail Odincov (Russia)
The Feedom of Conscience in Russia: between the soviet past and European present

Leon Moosavi (Great Britain)
Conversion to Islam in Britain

Cezare Poppi (Italy)
‘All Shades of Gray’. The Interface of Christianity and Islam in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Anthropological Perspectives.



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