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[ 25.10.2011 ] - Institute’s sociologists lead a youth sociology section at the Joint III World Congress of Latvian Scientists

The section titled «Youth in Latvia, Europe and the World: Challenges, Problems and Perspectives», organized by sociologists Ilze Trapenciere, Ilze Koroleva and Ritma Rungule, became a meeting place for youth sociologists, and youth work practitioners at the Joint 3rd World Congress of Latvian Scientists on October 25. The situation of Latvian youth was discussed in the contexts of Europe and the World. Special attention in the section’s work was paid to interdisciplinarity by welcoming researchers from different fields, and youth work organisers.

Experienced youth researchers (I. Trapenciere, I. Koroleva, R. Rungule, S. Senkane, A. Medveckis) as well as young scientists who are working in Latvia and abroad (I. Mierina, I. Karklina, S. Snikere, M. Goldmanis, A. Aleksandrovs and others) presented their work and discussed about such topical issues as:

  • life-path choices and inclusion in society’s structures in the context of economical crisis and globalisation;
  • professional choices and opportunities for Latvian youth in domestic and international labour market;
  • historical comparative analysis of occupational prestige;
  • territorial and social aspects of young people’s identity, and mobility plans;
  • political participation and alienation of youth in the light of post-communist societies;
  • health related issues: trends of substance abuse and addictions in young people; risk and protective factors for young people in Latvia and other European countries;
  • euro-orphans in search for identity — inclusion problems;
  • perspectives on contemporary mass and subcultures of young people;
  • analysis of various forms of youth work: non-formal and informal education, voluntary work.

In order to promote youth research, and to facilitate further cooperation between scientists, policy makers, and youth workers, participants agreed on importance of development of national interdisciplinary co-operation network.

The congress of scientists is organized once every ten years; the first gathering taking place in 1991. This tradition gives an opportunity to assess progress in the major fields of research, to strengthen contacts with researchers working outside Latvia, to spread knowledge among the public about scientific achievements and research programs, as well as difficulties in the sector, and, last but not the least, to get together and celebrate devotion to science. 

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