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[ 07.11.2014 ] - International seminar by Latvian oral history researchers was held at LU FSI last month

International seminar with the participation of famous researchers Inta Gale Carpenter, Elliott Oring, Sandra Dolby, and Vieda Skultane. The seminar was dedicated to the question of how to prepare publications for international journals. Get a photo overview of the seminar in explication of this message.

Scientists meeting for the first time.


Prominent oral history researchers Sandra Dolby and Elliot Oring.


Elliot Oring is known for being an editor for "American Anthropology" magazine as well.


LU FSI researcher Mara Zirnite and Elliot Oring.


Inta Gāle-Kārpentere have participated in the oral history research in USA, Brasil, Siberia and Latvia.


Oral history researchers and guests at the FSI.


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